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15X8 Magnum 500 with show chrome center
Chrome 15X8 Rallye

We now offer a wide variety of newly manufactured Mopar/Ford/AMC, factory steel wheels. We can make cop car, standard steel and stock small bolt pattern wheels to just about any width and backspacing.

We start with an original steel wheel, inspect the stud holes and face finish of the center for damage or wear, and remove the center from the old wheel. We re-use the original centers because they are made with a better, stronger alloy than most current stampings. (It has recently come to light that the reproduction steel OE wheels available on the market are built to accept dog dish or poverty caps are having problems keeping the caps on--they just wont stay on. That's another reason we use original centers.)  This helps keep the assembled tolerances much lower than most new wheels. The centers are then re-conditioned to the customers needs, and fitted into a new rim shell. Wheels are then set to the desired backspacing and MIG welded into place, using state-of-the-art equipment and operators. Our welds are full-circle as opposed to the factory's original partial welds. What it boils down to is this: we have the time to spend building your wheels to closer tolerances than most mass manufacturing plants do. Most wheels made now days have +/- .020 to .080 variance, or 'wobble' that is considered acceptable. We get ours as close to zero as possible, but due to manufacturing variances in the new rims, it just cant happen. We can generally get it down to +/- .005.

If you need backspacing less than 4.25", the wheels will need to be 'reversed', meaning that the inside of the wheel will actually be the outer rim...the center is fed into the shell from the opposite direction.

Wheel demand has gone up considerably in the last few months, and availability of rimshells and centers is not stable so plan ahead as best you can--may be a 6-8 week wait on some orders. Call for current pricing and availability.  

Mopar Rallye Wheels

Mopar rallye wheels are available in 4" and 4.5" bolt pattern.  Custom backspacing no extra charge.

Small bolt pattern (4")

14 X 6   $145

15 X 6   $145

15 X 7   $155

15 X 8   $165

Big bolt pattern (4.5")

15 X 7   $145

15 X 8   $155

OE style reproduction lug nuts available in 7/16" and 1/2", right and left hand threads. Look just like original but slightly shorter. $40 for a set of 20 mix & match.

Reproduction metal small or large bolt pattern center caps, light or dark argent, $250 set.

Some sets of original 4" center caps--call for price and availability

Mopar Cop Car Wheels

Mopar  heavy duty fleet, or 'cop car' wheels are available in gloss or satin black, as well as raw steel for you to paint to match your car. No extra charge for custom backspacing. 

15 X 6   $155

15 X 7   $165

15 X 8   $175

15 X 10 $190 

15 X 12 $210

15 X 14 $230 

Mopar OE Wheels

Stock, standard steel factory wheels are available in gloss or satin black, or raw steel for you to paint to match your car or take to your favorite powdercoating service. Custom backspacing no extra charge. OE wheels accept the later style 9" hubcaps (cop car, 'poverty' caps). If backspacing needs to be less than 4.25" the wheels will need to be 'reversed'.


15 X 6  $145

15 X 7  $160

15 X 8  $170

15 X 10  $190

15 X 12  $210

15 X 14  $230


15 X 6     $160

15 X 7     $175

15 X 8     $185